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Turquoise Amazon Earrings


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Uzurii luxury footwear
The inspiration for our Red Amazon earrings lies within the bright coloured depths of the Amazons. The pair of earrings is decorated with resin coral in a beautiful turquoise colour, which reminds us of clear blue water. Reminding us of the rich and deep colours of the forest. Our bijoux are designed with great care and every piece is made by the hand. Escape the ordinary and discover the bright colours and graceful details. Our bijoux collection and designs symbolize self-expression. All pieces are made of 925 sterling silver. Also, all gems we use have a certificate of authenticity. That makes our jewelry even more precious, and trustworthy. You’ll cherish this accessory for many more years to come. These earrings come as a pair. Made in China & Brazil
35/36 24,5 3 5
37/38 25,5 5 6.5
39/40 26,5 7 8
41/42 27,5 9 9.5