About Uzurii

Founder and designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos

Founding fashion label Uzurii fulfilled the ultimate dream of Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos (1971), who was born in Brazil's Amazon rain forest and moved to the slums of Rio de Janeiro at the age of five... read more

Complex techniques for optimal quality

For a large part of the new collection, designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos has developed a completely new technique for attaching the ornaments. The technique is unique and guarantees exceptional quality... read more

Every Uzurii is a gift

All Uzurii's are packed in gift boxes that really are gifts on their own. Different collections are presented in different luxury boxes, some colorful, some with velvet cushions. Want to know what gift box comes with... read more

Dedication leads to perfection

Together with her dedicated professionals, Shieglee works daily to expand the collection and to invent new and smarter techniques. One of the unswerving factors and a major pillar upon which the success... read more

Uzurii and fashion photograpy

Uzurii's 2016 collection as wel as this years fashion photos were captured on film in collaboration with Michiel Laurents, a Dutch photographer with whom Uzurii has a very special relationship... read more

Uzurii the movie and more...

On this page we publish all our movies. Interviews, fashion show, Uzurii the Movie, pop-up stores... read more