Dedication leads to perfection

The Atelier

A place where life experiences are transformed into the essence of Uzurii

Shieglee finds inspiration for her design from real life. From her visits to cultures around the world, in her never-ending quest to find the best and most beautiful materials and even, as a mother, when standing by a sports field cheering her young children. The designs of Uzurii are the artistic reflection of the designer's life, literally the realisation of her dream. The place where all the inspiration reaches its full potential and is converted into a creation is her atelier.

Ideas become designs

The head office of Uzurii in the Netherlands radiates an atmosphere that can best be described as a second home. The stylish showroom, the warmth in the offices and the colourful atelier constitute the home base for the creativity you find throughout the collection. The inspiring and stylish nature of the atelier contributes to the ability to convert these life experiences into practical concepts and designs.

Dedication leads to perfection

Together with her dedicated professionals, Shieglee works daily to expand the collection and to invent new and smarter techniques. One of the unswerving factors and a major pillar upon which the success of Uzurii has been built is perfection.