Complex techniques for optimal quality

Technique, handmade sophistication

For a large part of the new collection, designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos has developed a completely new technique for attaching the ornaments. The technique is unique and guarantees exceptional quality.

The technique is used for the Precious Collection, the Amazon Collection and by now also for the Fabulous Collection. What is noticeable immediately is the difference in design. Whereas in the rest of the collections, the stones are usually inlaid, in these collections the materials are intertwined with the fastening. The result is that the designs are distinct in flexibility and application.

A specific type of steel thread is used, sewn by hand to the V of the Uzurii. Because the materials used have to be applied in a specifically designed pattern, with every new rotation the exact color and size of the ornaments must be sought out and placed. The designs in the three collections are created mainly by a special combination of unusual stones and beads, most of which are especially developed by Uzurii. Due to flexible steel thread, each design is manually finished and that makes each Uzurii in these collections totally unique. It is a very labour-intensive technique and the result is truly overwhelming.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, all the items are individually inspected for quality and design before they are packed. The packaging for these three collections is also new. The gift boxes are bigger, they have a special finish and contain an extra cushion on which your Uzurii is presented like a piece of jewellery.

After all, all the designs from all the collections are handmade. Craftsmanship and quality have always been the core values in the production of each collection from the very first Uzurii.